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1) 2019 Hong Kong Inline Hockey Cup will be held November 13-16 for Youth and Nov. 20-23 for Adults
2) 7th Annual Americas Cup Championship . Orlando, Florida, USA, 16th to 20th of January 2020
3) Australia Day Cup 2020 (ROLLER HOCKEY) In Melbourne Australia from 20th to 25th January 2020
4) 2019 Taipei International Roller Skating Open

RSFI would be willing to send a RSFI TEAM to this championship as it is for skaters from age 12 onwards and with different age groups that can help our young skaters to get exposure to international level at a small age. Federation invites skaters who were taken part in National Championship.

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I hereby declare that

1. I am / was not a registered skater with a State / U.T Unit other than the present one.
2. As I am aware that only the Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI) registered skaters are allowed to participate in Internationals, Asians and RSFI approved National – All India – Memorial – Invitational Tournaments and the State / U.T Units approved State-District & Other local championship, hence I undertake not to participate in any competition & / or championship which does not have approval of RSFI & State /U.T. Unit as mentioned above.
3. I have attached the proof of identity , Address and date of birth as per RSFI guidelines and I will produce necessary original documents whenever asked by RSFI/State Association/District Association.
4. I understand that completing online registration and making fee payment does not mean the completion of registration process. My registration is subject to approval of District & State Units and RSFI.
5. I accept to share the information provided by me to RSFI and any service providers associated with RSFI.
6. I accept to receive newsletters / any communications from RSFI in a form of mail, email, phone call, SMS.
7. All the information entered in the online registration system (as furnished above) are true and I am responsible for the correctness of the information provided.
8. I will accept any decision taken by RSFI if any of the information given above found wrong and the fee paid will be forfeited. RSFI holds all the rights to reject or cancel the registration of the skater anytime.
9. I will produce all the original documents and supporting documents whenever necessarily asked by RSFI/State Association/District Association. I undertake to abide by all the rules and regulations issued from time to time by RSFI/State Association/District Association.
10. I / My ward am/is aware that Rules and regulations are subject to change.
11. I hereby declare that all the information furnished by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
12. I undertake that I shall not drag the name of the Game & Championship in any adverse manner either on Social Media or in the print media.
13. I shall not oppose any decision taken in the view of betterment of the Game as well as Championship by my coach/ manager/ Organizing committee/ District/ State/ Federation.
14. I also undertake that I shall not cause any harm / damage to the reputation of the Game (Championship)/Players/Officials/Spectators and further undertake not to cause any damage to the property during the Championship.
15. I hereby undertake that I shall abide by all the Rules & Regulations laid by the Championship committee for the smooth functioning and management of the Championship and if I fail to do so, I would accept the action taken by District/State Association/Organizing Committee/Coach/Manager/Federation.
16. I / I on behalf of my ward undertake that I/ My ward shall not participate in any event organized other than C.B.S.E ,K.V.S , SGFI. Govt. Organization or any other event organized by OUR RSFI STATE ASSOCIATION, DISTRICT ASSOCIATION & Roller Skating Federation of India. In case of breach of this undertaking RSFI/State Association/District Association will be free to take appropriate Steps.
17. I / I on behalf of my ward undertake that for any injury/loss of any nature what so ever caused to me/my ward during the camp/championship in India, on or off the playing area or during the journey, RSFI/its members/officials and or its State/U.T / District Units and its officials shall not be responsible and or liable to meet any expenses/damages whatsoever.
18. I shall take adequate accidental, medical, life insurance policies as they deem fit and at the beginning of the said tour/Championship/Tournament/Camp etc.
19. As i am aware that my registration is subject to the approval of the District/ State / U.T Unit, so that i will submit the Form and documents to the Club/District/State unit as soon as possible.
20. I/My Ward hereby confirm and declare that I/My Ward have/has not taken part in any Championship/Tournament held during 2018-19 which did not have the approval of RSFI/State/District Unit.
21. I/ I on behalf of My Ward declare that I/My ward shall not hold the organizer or any person from the Federation/association responsible for any Injury / Accident to me or my ward during practice/Championship. I also declare that I shall not claim for any damages from the organisers / any member of the Association / The association for any incident / Injury / Accident to me or my ward.
22. I am aware that my entry is subject to eligibility on various criteria applied by RSFI.
23. As i am aware that my entry is subject to the approval of the State / U.T Unit, so that i will submit the Form and documents to the state unit as soon as possible.


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