Dear Madam/sir,

As you all are aware that almost entire world is engulfed by the dreaded Corona Virus pandemic, India is no exception to this as the virus is spreading its tentacles all over the world in general and increasing its canvas in India progressively with each passing day. Now, we, as a nation and society have become victim of this dreaded virus, resultantly, to protect and save the nation and society at large, our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji has given clarion call to the nation to face and respond to the situation unitedly and vigorously.

We are passing through a transitory period and hard time, the tough time has not come to stay but would keep going with our strong resolve and still frame mindset to face the present situation.

Friends, everything can not be left to the government rather, we all would have to contribute physically and financially to overcome this trying time. Every section & strata of the society shall have to come forward to contribute as per their desire and ability. The sports fraternity which is the most vibrant and active section of the society shall have to contribute whole heartedly to come out of this natural disaster.

We appeal all the skaters, parents of the skaters, coaches, old skaters, the suppliers of Skates/ equipment/ apparels and the officials involved in the Roller Sports to join hands and to make all out efforts to contribute to the `Prime Minister Cares Fund’ COVID-19.(PM CARES )

We hope each one of us would certainly rise upto the occasion and contribute handsomely to face this gigantic problem which we are confronting. The donors may contribute through a separate link specific for this purpose provided on

RFSI website.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Tulsi Ram Agrawal

President, RSFI