MYAS Compliance

2 Date of last election held along with details of electoral college Click here
3 (a) Details of recognition of International body Click here
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5 Details of ACTC for the year Click here
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9 Constitution of organization/NSF & Memorandum Click here
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13 Details of National Championship conducted during the current year Click here
14 Calendar for National and Zonal Championship Click here
15 Details in respect of International Even abroad and in India Click here
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16 List of I-Cards issued to National Athletes Click here
17 Details of certificates issued by NSF to participants Click here
18 Action by NSF for prevention of age fraud Click here
19 Selection Committee for National athletes Click here
20 Compliance to WADA/NADA Code Click here
21 Details (amount & source) of funds received from other sources, including private sponsors, public sector, undertakings, State Governments. etc. Click here
22 Revenue generated by the NSF on its own by Annual Registration fee & Entry Fee.
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