COVID-19 Crisis – Skaters’ Health & Fitness

Dear Skaters,

 During this historical and difficult moment, that is affecting the entire world, we have been working hard behind the scenes to understand the best way to move forward

Hope you are all doing well by staying at home during the lock-down. While you find ample ample amount of free time by not going outdoors, add an activity or two between all the other works you do, to ensure you make use of this opportunity to work on your fitness goals.

 As we know, our sports minister has urged everyone to participate in fitness related activities, we share you a video which can be helpful in keeping yourself in shape and fit during this time of the year by staying at home.

 Once again, we would urge every skater to stay home during this entire lock down period and contribute your part in spreading awareness of social distancing.

Let me add only a few words. The situation has been really tough during the last months and the lockdown is so hard to manage for all of us. We are sport people; we are used to sacrifice and respect; this is the time to show all our strength!

A huge hug to all of you and to all the people now challenged by the virus all over the world. We will be together soon.


#Stay Safe #Stay At Home

With regards

Yours Sincerely,                

Naresh Kumar Sharma     

General Secretary
Roller Skating Federation of India