Final Trials Inline DOWNHILL WORLD Championship

We are happy to inform that the World Skate has informed that the following 2021 World Championships will be held as follows:
a) Inline  DOWNHILL WORLD  Championship from 18th to 19th September 2021 in the city of BETTOLA, Italy.
In view of above, the Final Trials  for downhill  discipline as above will be conducted from 14th August at Chandigarh, followed by Camps for selected skaters, Senior (M/F).
All 58th National Downhill  participants are eligible to attend the Final Trials.
The skaters reporting for the trials, have to submit their filled in visa form,  Medical Insurance (with coverage for Sports accidents & Covid19 clause)  & Medical certification of fitness to be submitted by skaters who have contracted Covid-19.
Upon arrival for the Final Trials, all skaters will report for COVID-19 test arranged by RSFI.  No one will be allowed to enter the trial venue until they have a negative COVID test. Skaters who test Positive will be asked to depart the trial venue.

The selected skaters have to note the following & complete all formalities before 16th August 2021.

i). Original passport should have 5 empty pages. The passport/s should be valid at-least till 30th June 2022 for those selected for World Championships.

ii).Besides valid passports, skaters should submit documents required for visa purpose and those selected may need to appear for interview if required by the embassy. More information on this may please be obtained from the concerned country’s embassy’s website.

iii). Skaters are to take adequate Accidental-Medical-Life Insurance policies directly from Insurance Company of their choice that covers the sports persons for the Camps’ and trials’ entire period. They must carry the original of policies with themselves and hand over copies to the Camp Co-ordinator on the date of reporting. For any injury or losses caused to the skater during the Trials and Camps, on or off the playing area, RSFI/State  Units/Hosts or their officials shall not be responsible or liable to meet any expenses and or damages whatsoever.

iv). All skaters are to submit documents required by concern Embassy to Camp Coordinator.

v). NOC From School /Collage/ Office & Parents NOC. (NOC – Performa)

a) N.O.C. (as per specimen enclosed *) from School/College where one is studying. (If employed, then attach N.O.C. from company/Govt./institution one is employed with).
b) An affidavit from the parents as per the specimen enclosed** 2set (with state Home Ministry Stamp)
c) Therapeutic Use Exemptions(TUE) APPLICATION FORM with Sign.The travel advisory issued by the Govt. Of India and the Covid 19 related guidelines of India as well as the host country will be taken into consideration at the time of departure as well as for participation for all disciplines.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned for any clarifications.

Naresh Sharma 

General Secretary